At Emerge we are all about social enterprise, so when we needed to come up with a new funding model for our youth drop in space and boxing program we got outside of the box to think of how social enterprise could play it’s part.

Our affordable fitness sessions bring together the experience and passion of mentors and coaches in our youth programs to provide an innovative fitness program for the public that helps fund our youth hub and pay a wage where once time was volunteered.

Mick Shaw; an experienced fighter and coach with over 30 years of skill and knowledge of boxing joins Tobes O’Regan our lead mentor of the box off the streets program to offer a life changing fitness experience for all ages, genders and fitness levels.

Memberships are affordable for a $30.00 unlimited class pass or you can hire the team for a personal or small group training session.

It’s fitness with a side of social good.


Ready to get started?

Get in touch with us at or call 0413 832 568 to secure your spot.